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06:05pm 28/10/2008
  At the Drive-inCollapse )

All i want to do is read more by this guy, and ... he is failing.

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11:23pm 18/09/2008
  i bought a laptop today, and i have been meaning to do so for quite some time. however- it is kind of sad that my main motivation behind getting one was to not be bored to tears in all of the classes that i am taking this semester. we'll see how that works out - - i'm not sure that i even want to be one of the douche bags that takes their laptop to class.

but now i have a pc system thing so i can finally run jeopardy on my own computer, which means i will begin neglecting hygeine (which is essentially a lost cause anyway), family, friends, loved ones and life in general.

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08:50pm 08/09/2008
  i am fussy, mainly because i am taking the most outrageous classes that i don't care at all about. starting with intro to policy analysis- which is really statistics, that i got tricked into taking.
also; astronomy.

other than that i am moderately good. things cooled down nicely. i only like to sleep when i am cold and cuddled into my bed, which is probably my favorite thing so far about this school year and my new apartment. a couple of the minuses are the fact that there is a bar called the screaming eagle outside the front window and there is usually some drunk man sloppily moaning over some bad music loudly in my ears while i am trying to sleep. . . also i am recently having trouble forming coherent sentences, as evidenced above.

on another note; i have rediscovered my love for Junie B. Jones books, and semi-colons.

i never use this thing for anything productive, and i am not sure what compelled me to write, other than I have five things I should be doing instead. also i am sort of mentally willing people to call me so i can do something, but that never works out - and when they do call mostly i stay home anyway. i am a funny bird.

that statement now always reminds me of this woman at work. someone said it about her, and it stuck with me, because she really does walk like a bird. it's amusing, because she is doing it to show off her horribly mishapen implants that she got in a sort of post-divorce midlife crisis thing. i think also butt implants, and she aparently is not the only one at my job that has them.

and its not like i work at a strip bar, or even a restaraunt - - - i work at a car factory- so what is that about? i guess i never really thought of average people getting butt implants.

mishapen implants reminds me of the six feet under i just watched. i got netflix, and i love it. right now i am trying to finish watching To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything... With Love, Julie Newmar but i am having trouble with it keeping my attention, because Patrick Swayze (how on earth do you spell that??) in drag is really having a detrimental effect on my well being.

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01:18pm 06/05/2008
  i just had my wisdom teeth out yesterday. and now i am sitting in karmanos cancer center in detroit, because my mom didn't want to leave me alone, so i am sitting in a reclining chair with a blanket on and i feel groggy cuz of the vicodin, but i also feel like a fraud.
aditionally i am contemplating getting a prius, but i think it is a little too soccer mom.
also: i cannot wait to move into my apartment in august, but i cannot remember a lot of what i tlooks like. just that it is impossibly small. my tummy hurts and my head is foggy. i need to nap.

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01:33am 15/04/2008
  poop poop poop.
i'm so upset for basically no reason at all.
poop poop poop.

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12:20am 25/03/2008
  i want a pug. and an apartment.
i found the apartment i am pretty sure. it's in a pink house which i love the idea of. and you can have a pug, so i am halfway there!

i just wish the semester would be over.
and also i wish that i knew where i was going to work this summer. and that i had a tan.

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03:21pm 08/01/2008
  two days in and i am ready to poop on someone.

this semester is going to blow. big time.

but karate is hysterical!

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03:16pm 22/12/2007
  emailing a professor to see if you can get a b+ turned into an a- ... lame or acceptable?

you know, you are always hearing about how you should go and talk to professors and all of that. i'm a bit lost on the issue.

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this is paris, and you're drunk   
11:00pm 10/12/2007
  i am excited for christmas! mainly because it signifies the end of this semester for the most part. next semester should be so much better! if people pay attention to transcripts when applying to law school, admissions will be like "wtf?" in regards to this year. this semester i took:

political violence and revolution (plsc 308)
comparitive legal systems (plsc 412)
interpersonal communications
mock trial

next semester i am taking:

health and fitness
intro. to ceramics for non-majors
and then two plsc classes which don't look like complete bull. but i just think the switch from what looks like a decently difficult schedule to what i have planned for next semester is funny.

i am watching national lampoons european vacation - it is similar to my family's experiences in europe/scandinavia.

also i am excited for christmas because jamie is getting me a nintendo ds. which is exciting because now i can play games all the time. yeah, its for little kids. but so? i am really excited for ny times crosswords game, and for sim city 3000 and... pokemon (hah).

i have my exam in pvr tomorrow morning. honestly, i think i should do alright. i am more worried about my ten page paper that i wrote, i have no idea if i did it right. i probably should have gone to the extra credit movies tonight, but i didn't think i could sit through 2.5 hours of crazy bullshit.

i would love to grow up right now. i have also decided to go to law school in seattle. university of washington is ranked the same as notre dame which was where i wanted to go anyway. and it's in seattle. which is a plus.

alright. that's enough.

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12:16am 29/11/2007
  i am taking karate next semester. because it's what all the cool dykes do.  

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09:34am 15/11/2007
  i have one point five pages to go on this paper and i just cannot bring myself to do them... i don't think i have ever written anything longer than 10 pages- this is ridiculous. well not really .. .. but i am so bored of euthanasia. this last part should be the easiest because it is my conclusions on the subject, but i don't know how to go about it really. i just cannot wait to have a good nights sleep. . . and then into next week, which will just be hellish as well, and then the week after that, which includes mock trial in pittsburgh. gah. i have too much to do. haha, and i am updating my live journal.  

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01:53am 14/11/2007
  i got a b on a test, and for the first time in my life, i am truly disappointed.

i am not sure when the shift from general apathy to worrying about my grades occured- but it's kind of scary really.

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09:06pm 11/11/2007
  "Our puny sentimenatilism has cuased us to forget that a human life is sacred only when it may be of some use to itself and the world." - Hellen Keller

Call me crazy, but I think it takes some balls for a deaf, blind woman in the early 20th-century to be a supporter of euthanasia and eugenics.

(yes, i know her disorders were not hereditary... just take it at surface value and stop over analyzing - okay? it's funny)

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01:07pm 18/10/2007
  EMU is on court tv. they just phone interviewed a student. and she was basically retarded. end of story  

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is it bad that i find this hysterically funny?   
08:07pm 07/10/2007
  If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women. It also makes the point, it is kind of embarrassing, the Democratic Party ought to be hanging its head in shame, that it has so much difficulty getting men to vote for it. I mean, you do see it’s the party of women and ‘We’ll pay for health care and tuition and day care — and here, what else can we give you, soccer moms? - ann coulter  

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11:39pm 01/10/2007
  i write for the echo at eastern, and i wrote an article (for the opinions section, mind you) about homosexual to straight therapy. i basically said it was stupid and that the majority of the groups were based in the south (which they are) "where they drive to church in their pick-up trucks with confederate flags on the back."

so this week, there was a letter to the editor published about my article. the basic gist was he agreed with my main points, but thought i was a crazed hater because i said that there was something wrong with having a confederate flag on the back of your truck. he went on to ask if i had ever lived in the south or attended church in the south (both- yes. i lived in texas for a couple of years, where my family attended church regularly). he also said i thought i was better than them becuase i "live where it snows."

um okay- there is something wrong with having a confederate flag on the back of your truck. the connotations behind a confederate flag are largely negative and the people who generally have them are white supremicist ass holes. sorry, but it is pretty much true. and again- sorry to update you, but the war has been over for a hundred or so years. it's like my opininon on people who still have kerry/edwards bumper stickers. look, i'm sorry, but it's over.

i am just frustrated that i don't get a rebuttal. luckily for me, the echo is largely unread.


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11:39pm 25/09/2007
  jamie is a nice boy. i like him. he is actually a good kid. and we have lots of fun together. and i love him basically.

i am bored of school already. and i am a nanny now?
part-time only.

i hate this class i am taking. it is called "political violence and revolution." it basically sucks. i did not sign up for a "let's all hate america and blindly follow the professor" class. i don't belong in college i have decided, as i am very unwilling to just follow some crazy liberal teacher.

um. that's about it. heading to the old nb for some homecoming football and sisters b-day on thursday. and i got a new purse! which i love.

also. i think i am going to write a ten page paper on parlimentary systems with monarchs vs. parlimentary systems without a formal head of state. should be interesting... not. that or i will write it on the role of activist judges in america vs. their role somewhere else. i have a while to get it together. but i am planning ahead- which is strange for me. but i am trying. i feel like i am in a little over my head with this stuff because i skipped intro to comparitive, and went right into comparitive legal systems. everyone is basically graduating in december. i wish i was.

anyway, i do love jamie. ( he made me do it)

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09:49pm 29/08/2007
  i can honestly say that i have never felt so desolate and listless in my entire life.  

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09:31am 28/08/2007
  i hate the dentist. everyone there is so goddamn condescending.  

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11:15am 25/08/2007
  i like when i get my refund back from eastern and it is $887.
also i like when i write an article for the eastern echo (no matter how janky you think the echo is) and the editor likes it. and i get paid.

i do not like this weather.

i like when i get to play in the rain though. i also like to spell janky. i like that that is not how i think it should be spelled. i like the idea of getting american history x in the mail soon, and my boondock saints poster.

i am a simple person.

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